Downtown Group represents all the meanings of effective diversity in the provision of services and products. The group did not limit itself to one field that narrows its potentials in the development and expansion, and reduce its ability to serve the community; it expanded its services products bouquet to include four key sectors that are the backbone of modern societies. Despite this broad stretch, the group did not accept to accomplish this expansion on the expense of quality, and insisted on the provision of all services within these sectors according to the best international quality standards. Here are the top sectors that we offer our services and products through.

Commercial Sector

  1. The importation and distribution of some food crops and products.
  2. The importation and distribution of some plastic products.
  3. Importing military clothing and supplies.

Industrial Sector

  1. Manufacturing some metal crafts specialized in residential buildings and service facilities.
  2. Establishing and equipping fixed and mobile metal containers for civilian and military purposes.

Services Sector

  1. Providing classy laundry services that include washing and ironing using the latest technologies.
  2. Providing specialized electronic systems maintenance.

Construction Sector

  1. Establishing/equipping stores and warehouses then installing electronic protection systems for them.
  2. Providing electronic protection systems for all users who can benefit from them, such as houses and shops.