Projects & Products

The answer is what you see is not what you hear

We Realize in Downtown Group that our strength comes from the diversity of our products, so we've invested this diversity in establishing many projects contracts that serve all institutions and sectors of society and thus return to us in the form of social and profitability benefits. The Group intends to sign contracts with private, government and military institutions to carry out more construction and industrial projects during the next few months due to the expansion of our customer base, and the multiplicity of areas our services cover, in addition to the expansion to new geographic local and regional locations. The following are the most important projects that the group is currently working on and the projects it intends to implement in the future:
Industrial sector
Services sector
Solutions and technology
The commercial sector
  • The implementation of the stainless steel
  • project Illawarra Villas in neighborhood of Al-mlqa in Riyadh
  • Project of the National Guard laundry in Riyadh
  • Housing teaching staff at King Saud University governorate of Muzahmiah
  • Housing teaching staff at the University of King Faisal al-Ahsa Governorate
  • Operation and maintenance of the Royal Guard laundries
  • Development and rehabilitation of the stores
  • Othaim Markets branches
  • Armory Management System
  • Development and rehabilitation of the stores
  • Supply and distribution of high-quality plastic products
  • Supplying mobile warehouses
  • The supply of materials and military uniforms