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In spite of our busy schedule, we never forget our commitment towards society in terms of keeping it updated about our latest news and activities. Accordingly, we will keep all relevant entities of our society (individuals, groups and institutions) fully aware of the news of our devoted effort to follow up on the latest innovations of methods and equipment that help us to stay on top of the similar groups and ensure providing the best products and services to our valued customers/clients. In addition to news, We will also keep our society updated about the events we participate/organize, we’ve already sponsored and joined so many events and conferences in order to add up to the efforts of developing the Saudi society, and we supported these activities with financial resources and trained personnel to ensure the achievement of its objectives in the development and prosperity of society. To fulfill this great cause we’ve recently organized number of conferences, forums, workshops, employment days and charitable activities. We have also attended some economic conferences on the local and regional levels to benefit from the exchange of experiences and the acquisition of knowledge. Below is a list of the most important recent news and activities:
attend the Vapex Exhibit specialized in iron and stainless-steel

In the same year we’ve also managed to attend the Vapex Exhibit specialized in iron and stainless-steel, it was held in Saudi Arabia – Riyadh on 07/04/2015 within the private exhibition center. There were meetings with many companies to discuss the possibility of benefiting from their services and products. Our group was represented by its […]

(attended the exhibit that included includes (IDEX, NAVDEX, UMEX

We’ve attended the exhibit that included includes (IDEX, NAVDEX, UMEX) and was held in the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi on 24/02/2015. Our representative there was the Chief Operating Officer and the Head Department of Sales, we were able to establish a number of agreements with some specialized corporations in the field of military […]

The Downtown Group is expanding in terms of the number of newly established headquarters

The Downtown Group is expanding in terms of the number of newly established headquarters, we’ve recently added sub-headquarter where engineers and project managers can do the operations of business planning and development technically and professionally in a perfect atmosphere.